Leading workshops with school children of all ages to carve Mother and Child in Langtree and London meant children designing and carving one ton boulders of Portland Stone in their playgrounds.

Another workshop was held to carve ” I AM ” and the Lord’s Prayer into a 41/2 ton Delabole Slate monolith to mark the 450th anniversary of Blundell’s School (where Eric Gill’s residency resulted in the stone altar).

Weekly workshops at the Exmoor Rural Skills Project taught local boys, who were unable to attend school, to carve letters and 4′-6′ monoliths totems in slate, one of which was a crocodile. Workshops held at the annual Appledore Visual Arts Festival have resulted in children carving pebbles with a letter to write a poem about the river Torridge and designing and carving monograms.

Working with the Villagers of Appledore to carve the Hubba Stone, which is a 4 1/2 ton granite boulder from Lundy that commemorates the death and defeat of the Viking King Hubba when he unsuccessfully and fatally attempted to invade there .

A pathway poem in the Streamside Gardens of Swimbridge Church in North Devon.