I am always pleased to discuss gravestones.

Where possible, it is best to meet at my workshop in Carmarthenshire to find the way ahead.

There is a need to discuss many things when it comes to a gravestone; the size and shape of the stone, the words to be engraved, the size and style of the lettering and any other decoration and whether or not to use goldleaf.

I am able to safely meet people by appointment outdoors.


Delabole Slate is the densest and most long lasting of stones and is remarkable for its beautiful silver colour and markings.

Welsh Slate is softer and more free of inclusions and markings.

I favour slate from Cwt y Bugail Quarry (the Shepherd’s Hut Quarry) which also has a lovely silver colour.

I like to use the back of the stone for a poem – on behalf not just of family and friends but for all who feel called to meditate in a churchyard.

Gabriel Hummerstone carving outside his workshop on a gravestone
Photo, of me carving slate in my favourite workshop, by Callum Baker


I am happy to give an informal, or written, estimate, but the figures below will provide a reasonable guide.

  • Single headstone – from £1,000
  • Double headstone – from £2,000
  • Cremation plaque – from £500

plus local statutory charge which varies, with Churchyards, from Diocese to Diocese and, with Cemeteries, from Council to Council

An initial deposit of 50% will secure the stone. Then I will develop a design with the person or family commissioning the work.

Having made actual size drawings of the design to be executed, permission must be applied for which there will be a varying statutary charge. Full payment is on completion of the work, after the stone is positioned in the churchyard.