Established 2000 – Carmarthenshire

As an artist and craftsman, I carve Welsh slate gravestones in a humble and workmanlike spirit, aiming to be my best rather than “the best”. I am a monument maker and gravestone carver.

My headstones are not distinguished by their precision or perfection, but rather by their life, warmth, character and personality and unselfconsciousness.

I carve “vernacular ”, that is to say “country letters”, inspired by the C17th and C18th Delabole slate headstones of N.Devon, where I learnt my trade. My headstones look just right in a country churchyard.

A good gravestone is a tribute to and a remembrance of the value of life itself.

Commissioning a Memorial Stone or Monument

I am always happy to discuss requirements, give quotations or answer questions. Based near Llandeilo and Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, West Wales, visits to my workshop can be arranged by appointment. Contact Gabriel

I always involve the family and friends of the deceased in the design process and my compassionate approach ensures that the tribute will be as personal and meaningful as the relationship itself.

Photos thanks to Callum Baker and Kristaps Kazaks

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